Mississippi Gulf Coast Writer’s Association – Guest Speaker – Louie Crowder

Gulf Coast Writers January Meeting

January 23rd, 11 am to 1 pm

Pass Christian library

111 Hiern Ave

Pass Christian, MS

Guest Speaker:  novelist and playwright Louie Crowder

The agenda of this growing body of work is two-fold:  the contemporary southern gay experience, and the exploration of the relationship between magic and art.  The stories are necessarily rooted in human equality concerns while the writing process charts the mystical veil around creation.



The books are:

“A Better House for Ritchie”

“In Irons”, and

“Henry Gereighty”

“Written in a roughhewn, noir-esque prose style and punctuated with flashes of brilliance, Louie Crowder’s In Irons is a deeply spiritual meditation on the question of whether a gay man brought up in the conservative South can ever hope to find true happiness. Postponing a self-appointed date with death, the tale’s protagonist sets sail on a journey meant to defy “the hopelessness of routine” and locate the elusive key to his own soul that he believes must be out there. But once found, what will this key unlock? A powerful character study from an exciting new literary voice.”

–Louis Maistros, author of The Sound of Building Coffins and Anti-requiem: New Orleans Stories.

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